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Welcome to our products page. We have a small selection of specialty
applications that highlight our expertise in software development. We'll add to the list as we develop more products. Watch this space!
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The Bob Jones Martial Arts organisation is by far the largest Martial Arts organisation in Australasia with clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand, boasting more than 1000 self defence and fitness classes per week.

Our organisation is expanding internationally with accredited instructors in Israel, the United States of America and some European countries.

We offer a wide range of self defence and fitness programs that will suit the needs of adults and children from all walks of life - incorporating the 'Best of Everything in Progression'.

The BJMA App gives an insight into the history of Bob Jones Martial Arts and the styles within the BJMA system. An extensive club directory is included to help you locate a club near you. Live updates to the Events section will ensure you always know what is happening within the BJMA community as well.
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Fruit Factory™ is a challenging game for all ages. Andy Apple needs help to run his fruit processing factory. You'll be required to operate the new whiz-bang fruit selection line. It's easy really - all you need to do is select the right fruit at the right time to remove it off the production line. Pick the wrong fruit and you could end up sending it to the crusher!
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iCollect Bank Notes™ is an easy to use, yet powerful inventory tool for collectors of bank notes and other paper currency. iCollect Bank Notes is the perfect solution for all collectors from beginners to professionals. There is simply no other software on the market that can match iCollect Bank Notes for its ease of use and practical features.

Now, after a major upgrade, iCollect Bank Notes is more powerful than ever. Version 2.0 offers improved performance, refined searching and filtering, plus instant record cloning. If you thought version 1.0 was good, wait until you see version 2.0!
Only $US25.00
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iCollect Coins & Tokens™ has arrived. Coin collectors rejoice! Due to the continuing success of iCollect Bank Notes, and an overwhelming demand for more products, we are pleased to announce the release of iCollect Coins & Tokens™, an inventory tool specifically designed for collectors of coins and tokens, and other forms of currency.

iCollect Coins & Tokens is uniquely tailored to suit all collectors from beginners to professionals. There is simply no other software on the market that can match iCollect Coins & Tokens for its ease of use and practical features.
Only US$25.00
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RAIDaid™ is a visual tool that helps you plan the optimum RAID configuration for your RAID storage system. RAIDaid™ has an easy to use interface that allows you to view disk arrays in all popular RAID formats. You can now plan your RAID setup and configuration even if you don't have a RAID!
Only US$9.95

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